by No Idea

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released July 13, 2017

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Evan Perino
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Album art by Anthony Manaro, photo taken by Gregory Maier
Partial lyrics in the track "Profiles in Courage" paraphrased from the book "Profiles in Courage" by John F. Kennedy.



all rights reserved


No Idea Lindenhurst, New York


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Track Name: Profiles in Courage
Back door deals keep rolling the wheels
Infected with corruption but the future is sealed
how long can you get by
feeding on others lives
like a parasite, of our own design

from the outside looking in,
there's nothing you can do
when you make it your business,
that's when you'll see the proof

"a man does what he must
in spite of consequence
obstacles, dangers, and pressure
and that is the basis of all morality

for this each man
must look into
his own soul"

unlock the truth
that's when you'll see the proof'
Track Name: Oblivious Youth
born into faith that has no fate.
no true salvation, just a pill for your pain

Opiate of the masses
causing culture clashes
between social classes
tradition will end us

your idea of truth, lies in the absence of proof
rich getting richer, debt enslaves the youth
it's too late now, they've planted the seed somehow

you won't put your fellow man over creed
you won''t put your fellow man over greed
you won't put your fellow man over creed

watch as our children stand trial
because of our own denial
there's things they don't want you to know

Oblivious Youth
everybody's here but there's no one to look up to
a bunch of lies the entire time
Death to the truth
Track Name: Double M
All I need is a little more space

Finding the time to hide
all the things that come my way.
Throw it in my face
on the constant day-to-day.

Hide your problems in the bottom of the pack.
With that cheap wine too,
and your shit keeps piling up.
You have no fucking clue.

The times, they have to change
cause your visions seem deranged.
With no sense of insight
you can't get out with all your might.

Your vice kills.

So now it's come to this.
A bad habit you cannot kick.
It wasn't supposed to be
Part of the routine.
A routine.
Your routine.

When death is near to you
there's nothing much that you can do.
Why can't you get it through your head?
Your dreams are dead
Track Name: Crazed
Who the fuck are you
preaching how to be?
So caught up with the Joneses
fucked reality.
Fake is fake and true is gold.
Another idiot, a manufactured mold.

You don't know the pain that I go through
and your demeanor is killing you.
You're growing slow and growing old.
A decision so bold.

A handle on life, you don't understand.

A handle on life, yeah you don't understand.
You're asking for trouble, cause I'm a crazy man.

Cross me once, cross me twice,
cross me three times, I'm not so nice.